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EBC Global Impact Award – Dr. Harbeen Arora,  Founder and Global Chairperson of the All Ladies League and Women’s Economic Forum
This award recognizes a non-member leader who has created cutting edge, transformational, trail-blazing social impact within and beyond their target area of influence. This person exhibits innovative thinking that creates a global impact.

Heart & Sprit Award – Swami Sadashiva Tirtha 

MORE Award –  Valerie Sheppard 

Global Mentorship Award – Robert Clancy

Silver Expansion Catalyst Award – Lisa Marie Platske 

Bronze Expansion Catalyst Award –  Jill Lublin, Luci McMonagle, Angel Ribo, Robert Clancy, Roger Salam & Shawne Duperon


Unstoppable – Deanna BurgartAngel Ribo & Marbeth Dunn

Global Engagement Award – Lisa Marie Platske & Gary Stuart


Global Influencer Award – Serenity Raven-Wolf 
Nine meetings from Jan 30 to Feb 17th 2017 – 2 countries – US & Costa Rica , 9 EBC live meetings in 19 days – LA (2 events), Ft Lauderdale (5 events), Pool side in Palmares (Costa Rica) & San Jose (Costa Rica).

Heart & Sprit Award – Serenity Raven-Wolf 

MORE Award –  Catherine Saykaly Stevens & Jana Beeman

Unstoppable – Dr Partha Nandi & Kali Nandi

Global Mentorship Award – Lisa Marie Platske


Heart & Sprit Award – Gary Stuart 

MORE Award – Tina Dietz 

Unstoppable – Frank Moffatt 

Global Mentorship Award – Tonya Hofmann 


Heart and Spirit Award – Debbi Dachinger 

The MORE Award – Marilyn Suttle  

The Unstoppable Award – Valerie Sheppard 

Global Influencer Award – Joseph Ranseth 

Six meetings from Nov 21st to Dec 20th, 2015 — three countries, 6 EBC live meetings in 29 days (Detroit, Toronto, Calgary, London, UK & Calgary (on the same day), and Winnipeg.


The MORE Award – Lisa Mininni