Connect with influencers from around the world, grow your personal reach and reach your potential. The Evolutionary Business Council is committed to supporting members with intensive in-person deep dive events to weekly collaboration calls.

EBC Live Events

Informal Gatherings are open to all levels of membership and are open to public.  This allows members to connect over a meal, coffee, a walk on the beach or other great ways to spend time together to connect and share.

Deep Dives retreats are held in Canada, the USA or Costa Rica.  Deep Dives are focused on deep transformation and high level mastermind.  These Deep Dives where created from member requests to spend time together to really connect on what each other is  creating in the world. These are exclusive to our members.

EBC Annual Retreat, to which the public can be invited as guests. Retreats provide a blend of business and marketing training, high-level masterminding, and transformational work for leaders.

1/2 Day Live Events are lead by senior members who have completed the EBC Certified Master Trainer Program.  These events are open to all levels of membership, and to members of the public who might be potential members.

The EBC Certified Master Trainer Program is designed to powerfully connect you with who you already are – a thought leader who can powerfully move people to action – to your next leap as a speaker of influence.  Open to both levels of membership. Non-members can apply to be considered for this program. Only EBC Certified Master Trainers can lead EBC Events.

Exclusively for members, visit our Special Offerings for additional event benefits and bonuses.