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The Evolutionary Business Council is committed to helping high-level influencers and thought-leaders who are out to cause change in the world. We are a community of influential speakers, trainers, radio hosts and others who reach a broad audience who teach the principles of success inside of their work. We believe in a philosophy of being deeply committed to helping each other and causing action to create positive change in the world. EBC members commit to supporting each other in creating more influence and reach. To be a member of our community you must be prepared to work collaboratively with other members and be taking action toward a more effective global society. Find out more about our criteria for membership.

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Cancellation policy, LIVE EBC Retreat

Cancellation policy, LIVE EBC Retreat

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Terms & Conditions

Money-back Guarantee – If you’re not completely satisfied with this purchase, we will fully refund your money at any time within 10 calendar days of your purchase.


With a minimum of 30 day’s notice, you may transfer your to the next LIVE EBC Retreat.  Transfers may occur one time only and are valid for one year following the originally scheduled event date.  To switch dates you must request a transfer in writing and will require to pay a $97 US rebooking/transfer fee.  Once the fee is paid, you may choose to be booked into the next event.

Should you cancel or postpone attending the LIVE EBC Retreat less than 30 days prior to the event, we will require a $147 US rebooking/transfer fee.  Once the fee is paid, you may choose to be booked into the next event.

LIVE EBC Retreats, Deep Dives, Masterminds, Workshops or Train the Trainer events cannot be transferred to 3rd parties.

Please email us at Support@WildfireWS.com for enquiries about this registration.

Call Cancellation Policy

Call Cancellation Policy

Collaboration Calls that do not have anyone signed up 48 hours before the call will be cancelled and the call leader notified.

For calls with less than three attendees, please validate with the attendee(s) at the beginning of the call, shortening the call. As a guideline if there is only one other person on the call we recommend 15 to 20 minutes, if three people on the call we recommend 30 minutes. 

If for any reason you, the call leader, cannot make the call you are scheduled to lead, please notify Pam Bayne. If it’s less than 48 hours before the call please do so by phone or text to arrange a replacement for yourself.