Conflict of interest Policy


      Last Updated on Nov 6 2018


                    Conflict of interest in using the EBC to personal gain


Purpose of Policy

Conflicts of interest raise issues for EBC. It is our intention to address any concerns, avoid both impropriety and the appearance of impropriety, and uphold the reputation of our members and the EBC to the highest level of integrity.


A conflict of interest is a situation in which a Board Member, EBC community member, or one of his or her family members has a personal or financial interest that could compromise either:

  1. Independence or judgment in exercising his/her responsibilities to EBC, or
  2. The principle of the EBC that we are here to collaborate with one another, not to sell to each other.

Principles covered by this policy

In recognition of the following principles, which are sometimes contradictory:

  1. That it is not the intention of the EBC for members to use the EBC as a means of selling to other members.
  2. That selling to the EBC is not intended to be a marketing strategy.  
  3. That there may be cases where members need a specific service and it makes sense for them to use the services of another member, or an organization which pays commissions to a member.
  4. That the EBC, as an organization of business owners, considers the making of money to be not only appropriate in business, but a primary intent of business.
  5. In the event of choosing contractors to support the EBC, it is the EBC intention to give preference to members as opposed to outside parties.  It is not the intention of this policy to disadvantage our members over outside service providers.


A. To address circumstances of selling to the EBC

For the creation of member benefits (special offers and free offers)


  1. Any members benefit  must be test-driven by at least 2 or members of the Board or Wisdom Council before making it a member benefit
  2. Should at any given time the reputation of EBC be impacted by the referred service or product we have the right to terminate immediately and inform the membership
  3. Any member may bring a special offer or free offer to the membership. It is expected this will include a discount for membership.  That member may benefit through either direct sale of the product or affiliate commissions.
  4. In the event of affiliate commissions, it is expected that the member will negotiate a suggested donation back to the EBC or a nominated cause of the EBC, at the sole discretion of the EBC.
  5. In the event that a member benefit is intended to be highlighted to the membership, such as group insurance, or other business systems that may benefit the membership, any member benefitting from the relationship must disclose that benefit and not be part of the decision making in rolling the benefit out.  Membership roll out typically includes:
    • Mention in the newsletter for most new member benefits
    • In the event a benefit is a business resource that is likely needed by the majority of membership (e.g. discount insurance, discounted marketing systems, etc.) mailings to the membership and calls to explain may be conducted.  The decision to do this will be based on the level to which this benefit is expected to support the entire membership. No person that benefits may be party to the decision of whether or not this level of roll out is appropriate.  
  6. These decisions will be decided by an email out to the Board based on who responds within 48 hours.


For use of EBC resources to promote products or services

  1. Members may use members to assist in promotion, but are asked not to promote their products to the membership, unless through venues outside of the EBC
  2. Members may not promote their products, services, memes or other promotional materials to the EBC Facebook group.  
  3. Members may ask for advice, request support, or ask members to spread the word in the appropriate daily meme.  


B. To address circumstances of use of EBC resources or accolades (i.e. awards or invitations to speak at events) to member benefit

  1. No member may use their position on the EBC Board or a decision-making committee to personal advantage without making the possible conflict known and abstaining from any relevant discussions and decisions. Examples of this might include, but not be limited to:
    • social media committee members using EBC resources to promote their own work,
    • award commitment members abstaining from discussions if they were one of the award nominees.  
    • Members who have applied to speak at an event asking to sit on the speakers selection committee


Procedure for disclosing potential conflict of interest

  1. In bringing any matter to the Board, describe the potential Conflict of Interest in writing as soon as a Conflict of Interest is known and email to two impartial Board Members.  If those two Board Members are unanimous, a decision and recommendation can be made by those Board Members. Otherwise the matter will be taken to the Board.
  2. In the event the matter requires a Board decision, the Board will review by email or in discussion at a Board meeting. Any member having a potential for conflict will be asked to abstain from the discussion.


The Board maintains a Decision log of decisions that involve potential conflicts of interest

Violation of this Policy

When violation is discovered, the party in conflict or perceived conflict will be given 10 days to correct with a timeline and report back to the Board. If that is not met, and steps are not put in place to address the conflict, then the Board will consider

  1. Removing the Board Member from the EBC Board
  2. Removing the member from any role in which conflict of interest exist, or removed from membership.  

Verbal notice will be given if a violation is noted.  If this violation is severe enough then a written notice shall be sent via email in the case that a EBC Board member or membership is rescinded.

Exceptions to What is Considered a Conflict of Interest Under This Policy

A member listing a member resource to the EBC is not considered to create any potential conflict where

  1. They are the party offering their resource and
  2. There is no discussion of an increased promotion or high-lighting to members, e.g. high lighting a training course to the EBC that is offered by a member.  
  3. Where a member resources is given out as a result of their leading at an event, it will be disclosed that selling may happen down the road and the EBC takes no responsibility for that.    

Each Board member and volunteers in roles of making decisions on behalf of the EBC will be asked to read and sign this policy as evidence of their commitment to compliance.

Conflict Resolution


It is expected that if a conflict should arise between members who have chosen to collaborate, or use each others services – they will discuss the conflict themselves or choose a third party to mediate.  Neither the EBC management team nor the EBC Board shall take on a role in the conflict resolution process.

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Privacy Policy Notice


      Last Updated on Nov 6 2018

      I. Personally-Identifiable Information and Non-Personally Identifiable Information.

Evolutionary Business Council (also referred to herein as “EBC”) may collect two different types of information, Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) and Non-Personally Identifiable Information (“Non-PII”). PII is information that identifies you as an individual – for example, your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card information, billing address and shipping information. Non-PII is aggregated information, demographic information, IP addresses, user behavior data from web interaction metrics tools and other information that does not reveal your specific identity. PII and Non-PII may be collected anytime you access or use a EBC website. PII and Non-PII may also be collected by EBC during in-person discussions, telephone conversations, and electronic or other written communications. EBC also collects information via cookies; blocking cookies may render you unable to access certain EBC products, services, or websites.

EBC uses PII to respond to your inquiries, provide you with services you have requested, keep you informed of services EBC thinks may be of interest to you, and otherwise personalize your experience with EBC, and other reasons. EBC does not sell or lease PII about you to others. EBC may share PII with EBC affiliates and third parties contracting with EBC to provide services to you, e.g., financial institutions. EBC may also share PII when required by law, or when you have expressly requested EBC to do so. EBC reserves the right to disclose and use your PII if EBC believes it is necessary to: (a) respond to legal process, e.g., a subpoena; (b) respond to a law enforcement agency’s request; (c) enforce the Terms; or (d) protect the rights, privacy, safety, property, or operations of EBC or third parties;

Because Non-PII does not personally identify You, EBC reserves the right to use and disclose to third parties Non-PII for any purpose.

EBC maintains reasonable physical, administrative and technical safeguards to protect PII from loss, misuse, or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. EBC enforces its Privacy Policy via self-assessment.

EBC reserves the right to change this privacy notice, which changes will become effective upon posting of the revised notice, or upon emailing of the changes to You at the email address You provided to EBC, or as required by law.


      II. Links to or From Other Sites.

Except where expressly stated by EBC, EBC is not affiliated or associated with operators of any third party websites that link to or are linked from any EBC-maintained website. EBC disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy or content of information found on third party websites that link to or are linked from any EBC website. EBC disclaims any responsibility for the security of any information (including without limitation credit card and personally identifiable information (“PII”)) that you may provide to any third party. EBC reserves the right, at any time and in its sole and absolute discretion, to block links to any EBC-maintained website through technological or other means without prior notice.


      III. Information; Registration; User Names and Passwords

As a EBC website user, You may be required to create an account with EBC. You warrant that the information you provide EBC is truthful and accurate, and that you are not impersonating another person. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any password you may use to access your EBC account, and you agree not to transfer your password or Username, or lend or otherwise transfer your use of or access to your account, to any third party. You are fully responsible for all transactions with, and information conveyed to, EBC under your account. You agree to immediately notify EBC of any unauthorized use of your password or User name or any other breach of security related to your account. You agree that EBC is not liable, and you will hold EBC harmless, for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with any of the foregoing obligations.

      IV. Release/Authorization to Use Photographs.

You grant EBC permission to use any and all photographs, or video or audio or digital recordings, taken by EBC or its agents or employees, or submitted by You to EBC (hereinafter “Photographs”) in any Media (including print, internet, film, television and no matter how distributed or published) for any purpose, which may include, but shall not be limited to, advertising, promotion, marketing and packaging of EBC or any product or service sold and marketed by EBC. You agree that this authorization to use Photographs may be assigned by EBC to any other party. You agree that that the Photographs may be combined with other Photographs, sounds, text and graphics, and that the Photographs may be manipulated, cropped, altered or modified in EBC’ sole discretion. You agree not to charge a royalty or fee, and not to make any other monetary assessment against EBC in exchange for this Release and Assignment. You hereby release and forever discharge EBC from any and all liability and from any damages you may suffer as a result of the use of the Photographs. You further acknowledge and agree that this Release is binding upon your heirs and assigns. You agree that this Release is irrevocable.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

EBC Membership


You may cancel your membership or request leave of absence at anytime with written (email) notice to the EBC Director of Operations.

When cancelling a quarterly or 3X per year payment you must cancel 7 calendar days before the beginning of the next quarter (for quarterly) or 4 month period (for 3X per year payment). You may complete any quarter or 4 month period you are in when cancelling.


When cancelling an annual payment, you must cancel 7 calendar days before the beginning of the next quarter. You may complete any quarter you are in when cancelling.  You will be refunded back to the nearest quarter.


If requesting leave of absence please contact the Director of Operations for full details:


Event Cancellation.  


When cancelling out of a live event, you may request a refund up to six weeks prior to the live event. A $37 admin fee will be charged to cancel and refund your ticket price. No refunds allowed within 6 weeks, however you may maintain a credit toward a future live EBC retreat, less a $37 admin fee.