Leading an EBC Event


To lead an EBC Event you must be an EBC Certified Master Trainer (CMT) or training to become a CMT.  Our leadership teams at events include 4 distinct roles.

Lead Facilitator – Is the driving force behind the event.  They are responsible for creating the theme for the event and building the Facilitation Team.

Co Facilitator – works closely with the Lead Facilitator to create a fabulous event.  They are key in communication between Facilitation Team and Session Leaders.

The Sevador as part of the Facilitation Team, they hold the space for the safety and success for the speakers on stage.  

The Matamaha as part of the Facilitation Team, they hold space for the safety and success of all the participants.

Session Leader – Is an EBC or EBI member who’s been requested to lead one section of the event.

Leader Meeting Recordings

Leader Meeting Recordings


Wednesday, August 21st


Wednesday, July 17th

Wednesday, May 15th

Wednesday, March 20th

Wednesday, February 20th


Wednesday, November 21st

Wednesday, October 17th


Wednesday, November 15th



No Recording in August


Wednesday, July 20th

[iqaudio file=”call-leaders/2016-07-20-EBC Leadership Calls.mp3″]


No recording in June – they where having too much fun on the call!

No recording in May


Wednesday April 20th

[iqaudio file=”call-leaders/EBC Leadership Calls April 20-Segment 1.mp3″]



Tuesday May 26th, 2015

[iqaudio file=”call-leaders/2015-05-26.mp3″]


Wednesday April 15th, 2015

[iqaudio file=”call-leaders/2015-04-15.mp3″]


Wednesday March 18th, 2015

[iqaudio file=”call-leaders/2015-03-18.mp3″]


Wednesday Feb 18th, 2015

[iqaudio file=”call-leaders/2015-02-18.mp3″]

Wednesday Jan 21st, 2015

[iqaudio file=”call-leaders/2015-01-21.mp3″]


Wednesday Dec 17th, 2014

[iqaudio file=”call-leaders/2014-12-17.mp3″]


Wednesday Nov 19th, 2014

[iqaudio file=”call-leaders/2014-11-19.mp3″]


Wednesday Oct 22nd, 2014

There was technical issues with this call so it was not recorded


Wednesday Aug 20th, 2014

[iqaudio file=”call-leaders/2014-08-20.mp3″]


Wednesday July 16th, 2014

[iqvideo file=”call-leaders/2014-07-16.mov”]


Wednesday June 18th, 2014

[iqvideo file=”call-leaders/2014-06-18.mov”]


Wednesday April 16th, 2014

[iqvideo file=”call-leaders/2014-04-16.mov”]


Thursday July 18th, 2013

[iqvideo file=”call-leaders/2013-07-18.mov”]


Wednesday February 21st, 2013

[iqvideo file=”call-leaders/2013-02-21.mov”]