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The Evolutionary Business Council is a community of positive change thought leaders and emerging thought-leaders. Our Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) membership level is distinguished by those who are well established thought leaders who typically have a influential reach of more than 10,000. Our Evolutionary Business Institute (EBI) membership level is perfect for that promotes mentorship and learning for up-and-coming influential leaders seeking a mentorship environment for learning the strategies and skills of influence and thought-leadership.

Our organization is committed to helping high-level influencers and thought-leaders who are out to cause change in the world. We are a community of influential speakers, trainers, radio hosts and others who reach a broad audience who teach the principles of success inside of their work. We believe in a philosophy of being deeply committed to helping each other and causing action to create positive change in the world. EBC members commit to supporting each other in creating more influence and reach. To be a member of our community you must be prepared to work collaboratively with other members and be taking action toward a more effective global society. Find out more about our criteria for membership.

Member Benefits
Instant connection to hundreds of other thought leaders with a collective reach of more than 10 million people

Immediate networking with the broader global market

Thousands of dollars in free or discounted training from other members

Special discounts for insurance or other business essentials.  

Recognition as being a member of an organization that collectively brings positive message and change to over 600 Million people around the world


Participation in collaboration calls with other influencers from around the world, where you get to ask other influencers for assistance in growing your personal reach

Access to our member only forum, where you can build relationship with other members

Complimentary memberships to SpeakerHub profile and access to EBCBuzz Club social media support ($383 value)



Who We Are

The Evolutionary Business Council is a membership-based company in the business of empowering change-makers in the world to create profitable, impactful businesses that have a lasting and transformational impact on the individuals that they serve. We create the environment for our members to become influential, profitable and impactful by providing business resources, trainings and access to powerful, supportive relationships and alliances. EBC is a launching pad, incubator and access to high-influence and profit through education, collaboration and leverage.

Our Vision A conscious sustainable generative world.  

Conscious, means people are transforming their limitations and self-sabotaging beliefs and living from a place of higher intuition and joy. By sustainable and generative we mean a world where businesses, organizations and individuals thrive and grow. Basic human rights are accessible to all (including freedom, personal safety, clean water, sanitary living, health care, education, meaningful work, equality, equity, justice and a healthy, sustainable environment).  By freedom we mean free from both self-limitations and the external limitations of injustice in its many forms, (including social, political and environmental).

Our Mission To expand the impact, influence and profit of impact-based.

By influence we mean that our members inspire people to know, like and trust their work sufficiently to take action based on their vision.  By impact-based we mean our members are innovators of change, running businesses aligned with creating a conscious, sustainable world. We support and encourage impact-based businesses to grow a following and use education and education marketing to expand the success of their business to achieve global change. We teach success and transformational principles inside our work. We stand for the growth of other businesses and organizations aligned with our mission. Our members are (or encouraged to become) influential content providers such as speakers, trainers, authors, show-hosts, producers, magazine-publishers and podcasters.

Our Goal – To evolutionize 1.2 Billion lives

We do this  by growing the influence of 1200 emerging thought-leaders to each reach 1 million people. By sustainable we mean a world where businesses, organizations and individuals thrive. Basic human rights are accessible to all, including

Our Declaration 

We declare ourselves a force to create a conscious, sustainable world.  We take personal accountability to build a world that works for everyone.

Our Core Values

Always evolving
We embody and grow transformational mindsets to awaken inspired, joy-filled purpose for the betterment and sustainability of the planet.

Acting from and for the highest good of all.

Heartfelt Collaboration
We embrace inclusion and encourage our combined and diverse brilliance as visionaries of the world.

The EBC is non-political, non-partisan, and non-religious.  We work on a collaborative model where members support other members, those they resonate with, in growing their influence and reach. Members are not expected to support the work of another member if they are not inspired by their work.

Join a community of influential speakers, trainers, radio hosts, authors & thought leaders out to change the world.