Leading Collaborative Global Partnerships

and Change

How it all began…

Ice is blowingacross the 4-lane divided highway. Not snow, sheets of ice! Visibility is a wish. Every few miles there are cars in the ditch. It’s January 28th, 2011. A group of 30 or so highly committed (and a bit crazy) individuals are slowing and pains-takingly white-knuckle driving through the worst blizzard of the Canadian winter. A gathering of influential thought-leaders and emerging thought leaders has been called in Canmore Alberta. The hour drive west for the Calgary airport is proving the first test of commitment.

Teresa de Grosbois re-shuffles the agenda to accommodate late arrivals and frozen visitors from the south. And somehow everyone pitches in and makes it work.

Like all things worth doing, the effort it took to get to that meeting made for magic. Two things were firmly resolved.

1. Never to host a meeting in Canada in the winter again; and
2. The birth of the Evolutionary Business Council.

The Evolutionary Business Council is a community of influencers from around the world. Our vision is to connect and assist like-minded thought-leaders whose collective mission is to make the world a better place.

Bringing leaders of vision together to expand global change.

Join a community of influential speakers, trainers, radio hosts, authors & thought leaders out to change the world.