Sandra Connan was born on the Isle of Mann in the 1960’s. She joined the EBC team in May 2021 as an event assistant, later adding editing to her EBC responsibilities.

From the age of 7, she knew she would live “somewhere else far away”. She has spent her adult life travelling and working in 30 countries, believing she would travel until the end of her days. However, over 10 years ago, she found her heart’s home in a small village on the south Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Due to her lifestyle, she has held a number and variety of jobs, including working on a building site in Greece, managing a frozen English Pie company in Goa, India and as a DiveMaster in Thailand. Working as the volunteer manager and work coordinator for a wild animal rescue center in Costa Rica for 6 years has been the highlight of her working life. She hopes/dreams that one day she will gain her residency in Costa Rica, as she is ready to permanently hang up her travelling boots in exchange for her new home.
She rents a little house by the Caribbean sea, surrounded by rainforest and wild animals, which she shares with her second Costa Rican rescue dog, Flaco, (her first little rescue dog, Chiquita, still lives in her heart) and has never been happier.


Costa Rica