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Marife Gaspar is a Quality Manager who works closely with Teresa and Pam. She is responsible for Overall VA Coordination, Staff Training, Financial Reporting, System Development, Upkeeping and Implementation. Marife has been with the Wildfire Workshops since October 2013.

Marife worked in Engineering then Planning and Control department in a Japanese-owned company for 6 years and as an Admin Assistant for 4 years for various companies in the Philippines. She’s been in the VA industry since 2010 and this work experience has been valuable in helping with her career progression. She is grateful for these rewarding experiences because it helped her to not just earn but also to learn.

Outside of work, Marife likes to use her “ME time” and quality time with the family without the screen time; handicrafting and homeschooling with her 2 fun-loving kids. She wants to expand her comfort zone that will keep her on the path of self-improvement in order to discover her true potential.