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EBC Pivot Calls

These calls are created to assist you with ideas, mindset and support on how to pivot.
And you are welcome to invite colleagues or a spouse or business partner on these calls.

Tues Nov 3rd, 11:30am PST / 12:30pm MST / 2:30pm EST / 7:30pm GMT / Wed Nov 4th, 5:30am AEST

This is a 60-minute long call and open to EBC & EBI members and guests.

Call Leaders: Marilyn Suttle and Wini Curley

Topic: Grow Your LinkedIn Results

Marilyn Suttle, a customer relationship strengthening expert, will facilitate this session. Bring your best LinkedIn tips to share. Dr. Wini Curley has volunteered to have her LinkedIn page reviewed. We’ll take more volunteers to share what works well and what you can do to take your results to the next level.

You’ll learn:

  • Raise your social selling index
  • Strengthen relationships and authentic connections
  • Get your brand and message across


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