Troy White’s copy for Project Forgive

Subject options:
You… part of a major movie release?
I need your help to get this movie out
Will you ‘forgive’ me for this?
Will they do a documentary on your story?

Have you ever held a grudge that got you nowhere?

Or had low points in your life that you just wanted to scream blame at others?

Maybe you just won’t give yourself a break for anything you do or try?

A dear friend and business associate of mine is releasing a new
documentary that can not only help you, but help anyone else you know
who needs to lighten up and forgive themselves or others.

Shawne Duperon is creating a documentary called Project: Forgive.

If you already know Shawne, you’re aware that she’s a Six Time EMMY winner, has
interviewed most US Presidents and hundreds of celebrities and travels
the globe speaking
on transformational media and how forgiveness is interwoven into our
daily lives.

Project: Forgive is her life’s mission. I’m honored to be a part of it.

Forgiveness is one of the most significant conversations that causes
healing, peace and ultimately love.

It is a hard lesson to learn – one I personally wish I had learned
much earlier in life.

But it’s never too late to start!

And right NOW I need your help.

This is a massive project that can help tens, hundreds of thousands of
people immediately, and millions
of people soon after.

I would love it if you joined me as part of this global conversation
and movement

Please head to this site to check out the crowd funding campaign to
get this movie funded.

The video alone is worth a look, plus there’s a lot of fun rewards for
everyone who pledges.
We also need your forgiveness stories to help us create this movie.

You, a movie star!

Think about all the people you could help with your story, or your
contribution to hel[p this
documentary get off the ground.

(hint: there are some MAJOR players involved that you will also hear
about at the site)

How can you help?

A pledge of as little as $10 can help get this movie off the ground
and get you an early
release download of the movie.

Second, share your story!  Let me know if you have a story of
forgiveness and we can talk
to Shawne and her team about your participation.

For now though, please spread the word of this great cause, and after
watching the video
at the Kickstarter site, kick in a few dollars to help this cause.