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July 18, 2022
July 18, 2022
Monday, 11AM-12PM (PST)

Monday 11AM-12:30 PM PST

 LIVE Online Virtual Event with “The Profit Coach”, Susie Carder
June 26-28, 2020
"Big Money Business Summit"
Spread joy and positivity throughout the summit with these Branded Event Flash Cards! These cards were designed for you to have fun with and keep your engagement high throughout the summit. For example, did you just have an ah-ha moment, why not hold the BOOM! 

Flash Card up to your camera OR did you totally just resonate with what one of our speakers just said, why not hold the YES! YES!! Flash card op to your camera.
Let's welcome you to Susie Carder's entrepreneurial community.

This is a group of like-minded business individuals that are looking to grow their wealth with the right tools and strategy.

Susie Carder has helped thousands of businesses achieve exponential growth, create radical business strategies, and blast from ordinary to explosive! Are you ready to create your future?
To give you the help you need, when you need it to master
your approach to bolster: Sales, Products, Operations and Finance. 

While keeping you clear, accountable and taking action
every step of the way.

That’s exactly what I’m here to help you do. And that’s exactly
what we’ve created for you here.

GLP is a 1 year program because world-changing, success
isn’t something that can be achieved in 30, 60, or 90 days.
Business is a long game, and we’re here to guide you
through every step of the journey.

You get lifetime access to all materials, from our video classes
and worksheets to templates, scripts and spreadsheets. You’ll
have every resource you need at your fingertips to avoid
pitfalls and feel completely supported as you level up.
Our community is second to none. This tight-knit group of
purpose-driven entrepreneurs can’t wait to connect with
you, cheer you on and challenge you when you need it.
DON’T MISS THIS! Gain Access to your Birthright Wealth through the Business Bootcamp that was done by Susie specially for you! 
Will your business survive any future pandemics that we may face?

What if Susie could show you how to…

• Keep cash flowing in
• Cut down your stress
• Set yourself up to THRIVE no matter what happens in the present or future

Grow Your Profits, Design Streamlined Systems, and Expand Your Business by Cracking the Code to Transform Your Dreams Into Reality.
I would love it if you could fill out this form and refer at least five people who you think are worthy of joining me at our next Big Money Business Summit happening this September 2021.
We want to make our presentations even better, please take a moment to share your thoughts about this event.
Funds to Fund Your Dreams by Using Other People's Money. 

How To Add An Extra 6-7 figures from the stage while transforming your students lives and impacting the world! 

We are going to show you how we help our students and clients consistently create 6 and 7 figure speaking events with the step-by-step Certified Master Training Program, that enable us to have the impact, income and recognition we want without sacrificing family, friends, vacations, health, happiness.

Learn with Award Winning Speakers

Teresa de Grobois
#1 Int’l Bestselling Author, Internatiol Speaker
Founder & CEO, Partner

Susie Carder
Profit Coach
CFO, Board Member, Partner
Pam Bayne
Co-owner of Vista Mundo Centrar
Board Member, Partner

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Our Community

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