To Ask or Not to Ask, that is the question…

The EBC is a collaborative community. At our retreats, we do collaborative “hot seat” sessions. You are invited to ask or offer other participants something. Members do this with the entire room. Guests will address
breakout groups.

You get 45 seconds. No pressure, right?

“Norms” to help you

  • Trust your intuition to decide whether to ask or offer something.
    Offering (e.g. to interview people, to meet people, to connect people)
    has the strongest relationship building potential. And if you need
    support, it’s OK to ask.
  • When you ask or offer, people will write on the back of their business
    card if you may contact them. This means they are willing to explore it
    further. For example, if you ask for support in a book launch, it is
    reasonable to expect others to want to read a sample of your book
    first. If they offer support, it is contingent on getting a better sense of
    your ask.
  • When you ask, the onus is on you to make it simple for those offering
    support. If you ask for endorsements or promotion in a campaign, you
    are expected to pre-write examples of what you want people to say.
    People are free to tweak, but you give them a starting point to save
    them time. We call this “sending copy”.
  • When sending copy, you are expected to write effective copy or hire a
    copy writer to help you. If you send copy that someone feels is likely to
    repel their following, it is considered supportive for them to decline to
    send it out and let you know why.
  • Respond ASAP to those that offer support i.e. within 48 hours, email a
    thank you & let them know a timeline of when to expect info from you
  • If you find you can’t support them as you said in the room, let them
    know when you get the first email.
    Mistakes to avoid
  • Do not ask for direct referrals or sponsors from stage. This can land
    like a “premature ask”. It’s likely too soon in your relationship with
    many people present for them to be willing to recommend you at this
    level. Build some relationships first. This type of ask often happens
    between our members in private once deeper relationships are built.
  • Do not give a long preamble to your ask. Trust that the people in the
    room want to help you.
  • Do not offer advice unless advice was requested. E.g. if someone is
    looking for connections, only offer connections you are willing to make.

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