The Evolving Leaders Show Archive

Friday Dec 4th 2015
Guests Lisa Mininni and Marilyn Suttle on Stepping into Leadership

Friday Nov 27th 2015
Guests Lisa Marie Platske and Teresa de Grosbois on Influence and Leadership

Friday Nov 20th 2015
Guests Annemarie Shrouder and Judy van Niekerk on Celebrating Challenges Day

Friday Nov 13th 2015

Tina Dietz and Laura Rubinstein on Running a Global Business

Friday Oct 30th 2015
Guests Sharon Sayler and Ellen Rogin on Women, Wealth and the Workplace

Friday Oct 23rd 2015
Guests Jana Beeman and Lisa Jendza on Leading in the Miracle Zone!

Friday Oct 9th
Guests Sharon Carne and Lori Kennedy on Leadership in the Health Industry

Friday Oct 2nd 2015
Guests Lisa Marie Platske and Teresa de Grosbois on Leadership and Resilience
Friday Sept 25th 2015
Guests David Dachinger and Thomas Bähler on Message in your music
Friday Sept 18th 2015
Guests Bill King and Charmaine Hammond on Leadership and Resilience
Friday Sept 11th 2015
Guests Barb Stuhlemmer & Carolyn Ellis on Creativity in Leadership
Friday September 4th 2015
Guests Vik Marja & Pete Winiarski on Upstoppable or Trainwreck
Friday August 28th 2015
Guests Robin Palmer & MarBeth Dunn & on Spiritual Leadership
Friday August 21st 2015
Guests Alicia Dattner & Gary Stuart on Find Out How These Two Work… Humour & Leadership–humour-leadership
Friday August 14th 2015
Guests Eileen HeadKristen Darcy on Dealing with Difficult People–dealing-with-difficult-people
Friday August 7th 2015
Guests Catherine Saykaly­-Stevens and Tracy Repchuk on Social Media Leadership Online
Friday, July 31, 2015
Guests Narges Nirumvala & Anne C Graham on Evolving Corporate Leadership!
Friday, July 24th, 2015
Guests Lisa Mininni and Marilyn Suttle on Stepping into Leadership… Why?