The Dance Between Trust and Control

August 10, 2019 | Novi, MI
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As leaders, we’re consistently faced with decisions about whether to trust our instincts and go with our gut and when to give up control in business.

Is it passion? Control? Past pain or clarity that’s driving your decisions? 

This dance impacts us with our clients, our employees and even other leaders that we co-create programs or share a stage with.

In this deep dive, our senior EBC facilitators Lisa Marie Platske and Valerie Sheppard will take you on an exquisite journey as a leader into building trust with yourself and others, unpacking past betrayals in leadership, and the expansive ability to give up control. The key will be discerning when to do what, with the circumstances and situations that you are currently facing in your business.

This highly interactive and experiential workshop will leave you with a new ability to ground your decisions on the current moment, rather than past mistakes that may have stopped you from your next level of business leadership.

Join us at EBC member Marilyn Suttle’s house on August 10, 2019

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8:00 am
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About our EBC Facilitating Leaders:

Valerie Sheppard
Valerie Sheppard

Valerie Sheppard is a multi-award-winning, best-selling self-help author with 30+ years of organizational leadership experience. She guides executives and entrepreneurs through personal transformation that results in more happiness, fulfillment and success. 

Lisa Marie Platske
Lisa Marie Platske

Lisa Marie Platske left her action-packed life as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer to be the CEO of leadership development company Upside Thinking, Inc. An award-winning leadership expert recognized by the White House and Small Business Administration, Lisa Marie trains and coaches women leaders across the globe in her proven 7-step leadership model centered on connection, executive presence, and courageous vulnerability. The founder of Design Your Destiny Live, she teaches what it takes to fully step into your Soul’s deepest calling so you can make a bigger positive difference in the world.

Dr. Shawne Duperon
Dr. Shawne Duperon

Dr. Shawne Duperon is the host of the program, an annual EBC workshop that follows High-Pressure Communication, Media Mastery Bootcamp on August 8-9, 2019

We look forward to seeing you there!


We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.