2022 EBC Certified Master Trainer (CMT)

Three Weekends where you will master Mobilization, Expansion, and Foundation

This was designed to powerfully connect you with who you already are – a thought leader who can powerfully move people to action. Whether you are working with internal or external teams, we will help you improve your training and facilitation skills with a variety of approaches and techniques to become even more effective.
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2022 EBC Deep Dive Retreats
Three Weekends that are respectively dedicated to focusing on building IMPACT, PROFIT, and INFLUENCE

You will have a walkthrough of a proprietary system that has proven to have a massive impact on your business and your students’ lives. You will also get in-depth training about your financial plan in today’s market, and how you can dramatically increase your profit. We will also take a closer look at how to build or improve your podcast or online show to build credibility, influence, profit, and impact.
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2023 EBC Annual Retreat
Claiming Greater Influence, Profit, And Impact To Transform The World

The EBC Annual Retreat is inspired by the call of our members to spend more time together in the unique EBC environment. Join us to achieve the connection, the strategies, and the personal transformation to up-level your influence and your business success.
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