Teach Entrepreneurship to Underprivileged Kids in Latin America

In Wisdom for Kids, we help Underprivileged Kids in Latin America become Entrepreneurs using their local resources.

There are 81 million kids living in poverty in Latin America, we are changing that every day, and we would love to have YOU do the same.

We have a network of volunteers through Latin America that identifies communities of kids in need, and we provide them with the necessary inspiration and motivation to get them started on their journey of Entrepreneurship towards financial independence and Abundance.

We are offering you today the possibility to record, through a Videoconference, an interview between you and me in which you will give the kids your advice and how to become entrepreneurs. We will Edit and Subtitle/Translate the video if you still do not speak Spanish.

Our promise to you, as an Evolutionary leader and CEO of your own venture, is that we will put your video in front of as many kids as possible so that they can learn Entrepreneurship from you, from your life, from your heart and soul.

The value of the offering (in USD) covers all the costs and materials for having One Kid started on becoming Entrepreneur involving her/his parents or guardians ( We deliver a 120 minutes high Energy motivational and inspirational session that includes Tales, Games, Songs, Exercising, Dance, Audiovisuals, Storytelling, Training, CEO Testimonials, and Meditation)

My name is Angel Ribo, and I am the CEO and Co-founder of Wisdom for Kids (You can know more here: https://goo.gl/Sp16Mf ) and of Divine Human Ventures ( my for profit business to help CEOs double their Revenue in 3 years or less).

Thank you and Be Blessed for Changing Latin America with me Today!