Sponsoring Someone into the EBC

The EBC is committed to new members being well-supported in powerfully entering the EBC. We have 2 roles to support this:

  1. The sponsor, who introduces and vouches that they are a fit for EBC, and 
  2. The guide, who helps them get engaged. 


These roles are both critically important to the success of the new member’s integration into the EBC community. As such, we recognize the importance of your support in these roles by paying you a lifetime affiliate commission for the following support: 

  1. When you sponsor a new member – you’ll receive a 12.5% lifetime commission on their membership dues for as long as you both remain members; and 
  2. When you also act as the guide for a new member (optional), to help them get related to how to get the most out of EBC, you’ll also receive a 12.5% lifetime commission on their membership dues for as long as you both remain members (this is over and above the 12.5% commission for the sponsor). 

How it works

When you sponsor a new member, we encourage you to also become their guide to help them understand the EBC and become engaged.  In this case, you’d receive the full 25% (both of the above).  In the event you cannot commit to this role, or have not managed to set up 2 meetings with your new member within 2 months, we’ll pass the opportunity to be their guide to another member (along with the second 12.5% commission).

Sponsoring a member means that you verify that they meet the criteria for membership and that they have signed up using your affiliate link or otherwise verified that you are their sponsor. 

Acting as a guide of a new member means you commit to: 


    1. Having a minimum of 2 Zoom calls with them in the first 60 days of their membership to ensure they are understanding how to get the most out of the EBC.  We will send you a checklist of things to discuss on these calls;
    2. Assist them in getting to know other EBC members, i.e. by making introductions or getting them on the EBC private Facebook group or collaboration calls; and
    3. Encourage them to attend live events, especially when you are also attending, to assist them to connect  with other members and learn EBC norms and protocols.


Lifetime affiliate commission means you receive it for as long as both you and the member you have sponsored in and/or acted as the guide for remain full-paid members of the EBC.  Affiliate commission will be paid out bi-annually as a thank you for your support.

NOTE: If you haven’t succeeded in fulfilling the requirements as a guide within 60 days of the member joining, we will reassign them to another guide, along with their associated 12.5% guide commission.

Before moving on, do you want to become a guide?