How would you like to have contacts for hundreds—or even thousands–of evergreen speaking opportunities in your market instantly at your fingertips? WITHOUT DOING ANY OF THE RESEARCH?

That’s what SpeakerTunity Cities™ provides. SpeakerTunity™ does the research so you don’t have to. You receive name, email, phone number for the meeting, association, organization and venue coordinators that book speakers in your community. It’s the VERY FIRST resource that gives changemakers, experts, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs exactly what you need most….access to your audiences. Get one full year’s access to updated directories at any time.. in PDFs or Excel format. Covers 4 categories (30 business sections including industry, gender and ethnicity; philanthropic and service groups; all the places you will touch the consumer directory; plus spiritual and faith-based.)

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Value: $495 for 1st directory, $395 for 2nd