The Conscious Media Relations Radio/Podcast Tour
Your Book as a Gateway to 9,000 Radio Shows and Podcasts

Whether you are launching a book, or revitalizing one as a way to breathe new life into your platform, the acclaimed Conscious Media Relations Radio/Podcast Tour is a powerful way for you to be offered to 9,000 radio shows and podcasts.

Member Jackie Lapin reads your book, writes a compelling pitch and then presents you to thousands of producers and hosts—4000 of which are especially attuned to personal growth, wellness, navigating change, and conscious business expansion subject matter.

We’ll bring your voice, your message and your wisdom to reach tens of thousands of listeners—many of whom may be your next book buyer, client, speaking engagement or website visitor.
Previous clients include Don Miguel Ruiz, James Twyman, Dr. Eric Pearl/The Reconnection, Denise Linn, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Joe Vitale, Marie Diamond, Maureen St. Germaine, Chris & Janet Attwood, Hay House, Red Wheel Weiser, New World Library, Sounds True, HCI Books and more. To see reviews go to

Two packages available — each GUARANTEE 30 interviews. EBC members receive a $500 gift discount against either one.

For more information, go to or call Jackie (818) 707 1473.


Value: $500 Gift Discount, Call for pricing options of tours