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The 1 Thing that will boost your energy and improve your health like no other

Hi ____,
Ever have any of these happen to you?

-You got passed over for a job, or maybe you got fired.  
-Some nutcase cut you off on the freeway.  
-You’ve struggled with money or even went bankrupt and still beat yourself up over that.   
-You’ve lost a loved one to cancer and can’t stop asking why.

Holding on to past hurts stifles your energy, restricts relationships, and damages your health. It closes you up up to the good things in life.  Another word for letting go of those hurts is Forgiveness.  
Have you ever thought about what forgiveness really means?

My dear friend, Shawne Duperon has, and she’s creating a documentary called Project: Forgive.

If you already know Shawne, you’re aware that she’s a Six Time EMMY winner, has
interviewed most US Presidents and hundreds of celebrities and travels the globe speaking on transformational media and how forgiveness is interwoven into our daily lives.  Project: Forgive is her life’s mission. I’m honored to be a part of it.

Forgiveness is one of the most significant conversations that causes healing, peace and ultimately love.

I invite you to be a part of this global conversation and movement

Please head to this site to check out the crowd funding campaign to get this movie funded now. The world has waited long enough for this kind of healing.
link here

The video alone is worth a look, plus there’s a lot of fun rewards for everyone who pledges.  We also need your forgiveness stories. This is your chance to get involved in a global movement like no other.

If you’re inspired like I was, a pledge of as little as $10 can help get this movie and movement off the ground. As a thank you, you’ll receive an early release download of the movie as well.  

Here’s the link again. Don’t wait another moment. Do it now while you’re thinking of it.