Here is the recording of the April 8th EBC Special Call “Slowing Down To Speed Up” with Valerie Sheppard and Jennifer Hough



Slow Down to Speed Up

Five steps to help you leverage today’s slow down to create tomorrow’s acceleration:

1. Mourning the old: Requires acceptance and allowing; spaciousness; sacred honesty and vulnerability

  • To move through an EXTERNALLY FORCED slow down powerfully, you may be served to ask “What is there to mourn?”
  • Acknowledge what sucks. Speak out loud using these specific words: “I am mourning _____. I am feeling_____ about that. I wish it weren’t that way.”
  • Allow yourself to feel whatever those feelings are. Rest there without becoming whatever you feel. Doing so enables the energies to be expressed, and therefore dissipate. 

2. Shift with the shift: Requires sacred curiosity and stillness; deep ears-not-necessary “listening” from an empty vessel perspective. Hearing what’s not being said. Willingness to be the only one who hears that message that way. Questions that can catalyze discernment at this level:

  • What’s not working? (make a list) Therefore – what’s being asked for? How does this situation being exactly as it is create an opportunity.
  • Check the items that are actionable in the near future.
  • Prioritize them.

3. Eye of the storm: Requires you to stay open, fluid, flexible and grounded for the wave behind the wave. Not being too fast to declare the new “normal” or that a shift has taken place. Resting in the space of neutrality.

  • Don’t take score
  • Explore how you unplug, be open, flexible, fluid and centered?
  • 3 Questions to ask about each actionable item (sitting in the inquiry unattached to the outcome): Ask each actionable item
  1. “What do you want me to know about you at a deeper level that would assist?”
  2. “What, if anything, is mine to do right now?”
  3. “Is there anything else to know?”

4. Solution-based forward view: Requires resting in neutrality of the question: Is that so? So what…now what? What’s the testable hypothesis (without retreating to the intellect)?

  • What are the possibilities?
  • Which ones feel uniquely mine to implement?
  • Where’s the fun, the play, the personal enrichment, the self-actualization? 

5. Plan for right now……..system for now……how to tell what is: Requires you to listen for the calling. May require you to leap frog, take baby steps, learn something completely new, hold your ground, or retreat.