Receive 80% off the You Plus 1 Travel Club … SAVE on Travel!

Receive 80% off the You Plus 1 Travel Club

Hi fellow EBC / EBI members … Welcome to Your Moments & Memories!

This is a unique opportunity to take back control of your life. The YouPlus1 community is committed to a life of Moments & Memories in your life, not just Stuff and Status!

To help you create as well as enjoy those moments and memories, YouPlus1 is excited to announce the YouPlus1 Travel Club!

As a YouPlus1 Travel Club member, you will enjoy 12-months (for you and your significant other Plus1) of special deals, savings, discounts, and amazing opportunities on hotel accommodations, cruises, resort stays, care rentals, and activities…endless possibilities await!

As an exclusive member of the YouPlus1 Travel Club you will have access to:

-Hotel Accommodations

400,000+ hotel locations around the world (our website is available in English and Spanish)

Saving Money is Making Money! It doesn’t matter if your SAVINGS IS $10 dollars at a Super 8 or $7000+ at the Ritz-Carlton in in Hawaii…stay better for less…or where ever you want with dollars to spare!

The 14 years of relationships with the finest brands in travel are now at your disposal…they will allow you to create fabulous moments and will bring you some amazing memories.

-Resort Weeks

An example is a Hi-End Orlando resort for $1634 on their site… booking through YouPlus1 Travel Club… $499 for the week…two adults and two kids!

What would you do with an extra $1000+ dollars on your next vacation! Anything you want!


Shhhh… you can’t tell the other passengers how much less you paid than them!

From 3-day getaways to Global Crossings, YouPlus1 Travel Club platform has secured some of the most incredible offers for you and your Plus1…or plus15 if it’s the family reunion trip!

Not just the cruise package, also the activities and shore excursions can be added to your moments and memories!

-Car Rentals

Cars are cars… but what if your savings gave you the chance to get the “ragtop” to cruise around in?

-Local Activities

This allows you to take advantage of the YouPlus1 Travel Club… right in your own back yard…and on the road…be as active or relaxed as you want!

Activities / Restaurants / Adventures right around the corner or all available when you land at your next “bucket list” destination.

Collect and Redeem Reward Points

– You don’t have to be the Platinum Super Traveler to get rewards!

From the very first trip you take the YouPlus1 Travel Club Platform recognizes you as a valued and important member. You get all the perks from day one!

Each trip lets you earn Reward Points so you can use them to save even more on your next trip!

The lure of travel has always been powerful. The opportunity for clients, seminars attendees, and those you simply want to reward can experience something unique. As a motivator, Travel trumps Cash! Recent studies show that a prospect receiving cash paled in comparison to earning the opportunity to travel, reduce their travel expenses, or experience greater luxury when they travel.

By positioning incentive travel as a “cost free indulgence” it is perceived as a more valuable reward than ordinary money could possibly be. The use of incentive travel is one of the most powerful motivational devices available to you today. That is why we created the “You Plus 1 Travel Club”!

The You Plus 1 Travel Club provides 12-months of savings, discounts and special deals on hotel accommodations, resort stays, cruises, car rentals and activities. (One EBC member just saved 56% on her upcoming hotel reservation!)

The “You Plus 1 Travel Club” membership delivers the maximum discounts in travel savings for each travel event reserved…and as many events as you want to use it throughout the year!

All any Travel Club member has to do is go to, choose the dates and savings desired for the category needed (hotels, resorts, cruises, cars, and activities), book it through the website, and let the savings begin!

YouPlus1 is about You…and the Plus1 in your life…The YouPlus1 Travel Club membership is for you and 1 significant other…for a full 12-months!

To SAVE 80% on your YouPlus1 Travel Club membership, simply go to: and enter EBCEBI as the coupon code to receive your full 12-month membership for You and your Plus1 for less than 1 cup of coffee a week!

If you have any questions. please email me at: or call at: 817-239-7732!