Reach Building Opt-In

Exciting changes to the EBC – and you’re coming along for the ride!

Here’s our compelling vision for the shift we’re making…

The EBC is an organization of powerhouses, highly committed to each other while making a great living and causing global transformation in the world. We see and achieve big goals, like supporting each other to be on the New York Times Best Seller List and creating big visions like Project: Forgive.

The Board recently met and the leadership for our vision is inspiring. We’re transforming as an organization to up the game and here are some of the compelling strategies being created:

  • We’re capping the EBC at 150 members World Wide to make the EBC stronger than ever.  There’s just 2 spots left and after that people will have to wait for attrition in order to get in. We are investing in each other within the organization. We believe 150 deeply committed members will individually achieve a lot more than 1000, somewhat engaged members.
  • We’re also creating a stronger requirement for membership. For you, that means participating in a minimum of one collaboration call per month (or averaging 12 per year if you miss).  By end of March, you’ll also be required to have a minimum personal reach of 10,000 people. If you’re not there yet, no worries! We’re creating all sorts of tools to grow your personal reach. You already know that a good reach is an important tool to help you make stronger connection with influencers, make more money and most importantly cause your mission.  So the Board created this stretch goal with a strong commitment to support you in getting there.

For those of you in the “let’s build my reach” game:

  • You can opt into this special list we’re creating for you that will send you routine emails over the next 3 to 4 month. A number of our more senior members are creating quick 2 minute tips and strategies that we’ll send you to help you focus on this goal. (subscribe here!) You can watch the first tutorial now by clicking here, where we’ll be housing the series for you to watch any time.
  • You’ll get targeted teleseminars specifically focused on reach building. (E.g. the ones Shawne, Jennifer and Harrision suggested)
  • For those under a 10,000 reach, you’ll be given a buddy to help each other rock it out. Look for that email.
  • To our more senior members who are already above this goal:

This is your opportunity to mentor your colleagues and deepen relationships. Would you be willing to create a short 1-2 minute video of some fast tips that grew your reach? If so, email me or Roger MacRae and let us know.

I fully believe that 150, highly engaged, highly skilled world changers will move mountains in the next decade and great prosperity will result for us and those we serve.

Hope you love the game as much as I do.

Much love,