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March 31, 2021 Version 2.4

Hi our friends and allies,

What we’ve done is organized these resources to make it easier for you.

Level 1 is where I suggest you start. A basic overview about some of the issues, facts, and concepts. Things that are short, easy to access, and less intense.

Level 2 is a bit more challenging, takes a bit more time, but goes deeper.

Level 3 these resources are a bit more intense and take more time. A deeper understanding of both the issues and the ongoing emotional costs of systemic racism.

Additional Resources: we’ve included these to give you tools to further deepen your knowledge & education on things.

Thanks again for being an ally and remember that this journey is going to take some courage. You may not always know what to say and do; and your best intentions may be met with pain, anger, and hostility. Please know any negativity coming towards you may not be personal or mean that you’ve really screwed up. Historically, those of us who are BIPOC have had to suck it up for a long time and the present climate has a lot of us very triggered.

Also, the dynamic that happens with most couples can happen here too: Issues haven’t been addressed. You make it safe to talk. EVERYTHING tends to come out with all the pent up pressure and emotion that couldn’t come out in the past. Most of us have experienced this in our relationships.

This is where your toughness & courage as an ally really needs to show up. Just like with your partner, if you’re willing to hang in there, be curious, and listen with an open heart & mind the intensity tends to decrease as the other person feels heard, understood, and validated.

Remember to look for ways to put your new knowledge into practice. Also, let’s keep the conversation going on the EBC Facebook page. Let everyone know what you did, how it felt, and how it worked out, along with other general thoughts. Once again thanks for being in the trenches with us.


The history of race (PBS special):

Why Europeans enslaved Africans:

White Supremacy is NOT (just) the KKK – Some Definitions to Help Make Sense Of It All

Uncomfortable Conversations with A Black Man:
(*subscribe on YouTube for more ‘Uncomfortable Conversations with A Black Man’)

Uncomfortable Conversations with A Black Man Episode 1

Uncomfortable Conversations with A Black Man Episode 2

Uncomfortable Conversations with A Black Man Episode 3

Uncomfortable Conversations with A Black Man Episode 4

Uncomfortable Conversations with A Black Man Episode 5

“The Doll Test”

Netflix series “Explained”:
Season 1 The Racial Wealth Gap
Season 2 Pirates

John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Dummies
Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: (Police) (The Confederacy) (Sheriffs) (U.S. History)

Talking About Race | National Museum of African American History and Culture:

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Ted Talk: What it Takes to be Racially Literate:

Ted Talk: What Prosecutors & Incarcerated People Can Learn from Each Other:

How to Talk to Kids about Race:

Explaining ”Jim Crow”:–4WE

Q&A About the Confederacy:

60 Minutes: Oprah – Inside the memorial to victims of lynching:

Is It a Microaggression?:

The Link Between Racism and PTSD:

Skin color differences

Comedy/history (white history month)

Soul of a Nation (Great for understanding some of the Black experience)
Watch Soul of a Nation TV Show –



White Privilege: What Is White Privilege, Really? | Teaching Tolerance:

White Rage:

White Fragility:

They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South

CNN talking about the public education system failing us for race education today:

African “Discovery” of America:

How Dave Chappelle Schooled White Woman On ‘Police Brutality’ – CH News:

Trumping the Race Card (book):

The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together:


Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Racism Experiment Children Session by Jane Elliott: (Oprah 1992 episode)

How Can We Win:



Full Episode: Where Do We Go From Here? (Part 1) | OWN Spotlight | Oprah:

Full Episode: Where Do We Go From Here? (Part 2) | OWN Spotlight | Oprah:

Here are some additional resources:

The Choice (P&G Resources: Go here to Donate, Read, Watch, and Engage):

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources:

YouTube setup a ‘stand against racial injustice’ channel (advertising it on the homepage):

Oprah Resources:

The Soul of America: (you can choose HBO or Crave)

Anti-Racism & Unlearning Resources:

Anti-Racism Resource List:

158 Resources to Understand Racism in America:

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice:

Eyes on the Prize | American Experience | Official Site | PBS:

Watch Eyes on the Prize YouTube:
Entire Playlist ( (episode 1) (episode 2) (episode 3) (episode 4) (episode 5) (episode 6) (episode 7) (episode 8) (episode 9) (episode 10) (episode 11) (episode 12) (episode 13) (episode 14) (episode 15) (Rosa Parks Interview)