May 13, 2021 Version 1.0                    

The following policy is intended to provide the measures under which EBC proceeds with live meetings.

Informal Gatherings

Based on local restrictions and health requirements, a local informal event may proceed when:

  1. Local laws allow gathering of unrelated individuals who do not reside in the same household;
  2. The type of gathering or numbers of those gathered does not exceed local restrictions;
  3. The facility in which the meeting is housed is informed of the gathering and it is in alignment with preceding e.g. a Starbucks meeting of more than 2 people must be validated with the Starbucks Management of that location;  
  4. Where possible, private rooms will be booked;  
  5. If a member chooses to host in their home, all local requirements must be followed such as number at the gathering, handwashing requirements and mask wearing.

Individuals attending such gatherings:

  1. Must follow the local requirements for handwashing, mask wearing, having their temperature taken and social distancing;
  2. Is requested (recommended) to not travel to the gathering via public ground transportation or a shared lift service such as a shared Uber or taxi (i.e. private taxis or Ubers are allowed, shared rides, bus and train are not);
  3. Be in integrity about their own health and their ability to infect others.  We expect members to:
    1. Only attend if they DO NOT have a cough or any other symptoms that might be or perceived to be contagious;
    2. Only attend if they HAVE NOT been in contact with anyone symptomatic or having tested positive for a contagion including Covid-19;
    3. Be in compliance with local laws and quarantine procedures;
    4. Inform EBC immediately should they test positive for a contagion, including Covid-19, following attending an EBC gathering.   


Formal Gatherings

Same procedures as above are to be observed for formal gatherings.

  1. Air travel for attendees is allowed;
  2. Printed notices will be posted at registration tables on the doors to the event these notices will be in alignment with the local requirements;
  3. Staff and volunteers at formal live events will be required to go through an online training to make sure that all processes and procedures are followed this includes: i) the enforcement of handwashing, ii) social distancing, iii) barring anyone who is symptomatic from the event vi) temperature taking and vi) any other requirement necessary for that location;
  4. The facilitation team has to confirm that registrants have shown they have either been vaccinated or have completed a COVID test that gives them a negative result within 48 hours of the event starting.  Depending on the global situation at the outset of the event, we may require all registrants to complete a COVID test, even if previously vaccinated;
  5. The facilitation team will have a process in place for liaison with the hotel in case a participant falls ill so that the hotel can help coordinate hospitalization or medical care;
  6. All facilitation team, AV team, Wildfire Workshops contract staff, Speakers and Presenters to wear masks and follow all procedures except when on stage;
  7. AV – it must be determined in the contract how shared mic’s are to be cleaned/sterilized between uses. It is recommended that facilitators bring their own headsets where possible;
  8. All participants must confirm that they have health insurance for the jurisdiction they are in.

If a participant is barred from entry, the ticket will be reimbursed.  

All participants and the facilitation team are required to sign a release form indemnifying Wildfire Workshops, Vista Mundo Centrar SRL and EBC in the event of illness.  

Post event: should a participant inform Wildfire Workshops or any other volunteers that they have fallen ill after the event, it is the responsibility of Wildfire Workshops inc to inform the hotel, all registrants and all attendees. It may also be necessary to inform the local health organization.

Wildfire Workshops will require a written agreement or an addendum to the contract with the hotel/event space confirming that, should any of their other participants in another room or event (before or during the event) become symptomatic or sick, Wildfire and the Facilitation team must be informed. Allowing us to inform our participants either during the event or following the event.  A process is in place for key Wildfire team members to do this.

Please note there is a force majeure policy now in the live event cancellation policy, should a pandemic or other natural disaster require a postponement or cancellation of a live event.  Inability to insure this event, should Wildfire’s insurers withdraw their coverage, would be considered grounds for force majeure.  


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