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Decision Making Structure of EBC

The EBC is a hybrid business structure that runs on a combination of principles borrowed from For-Profit and Not-for-Profit business structures.   

EBC Structural Element

How we are similar to a Not-For-Profit How we differ from a Not-For-Profit

Membership dues are entirely used for the  administration of the organization. Administrative costs include Website maintenance, compensation to staff and contractors hired to administer the EBC, travel expenses, marketing and other routine business expenses.
Appointed EBC Board members do not receive payment or ownership for being on The Board

The EBC is wholly owned by Wildfire Workshops Inc., owned by Teresa de Grosbois
Decision Making Structure Policy for the EBC is set by the elected EBC  Board.

To stand for election for the EBC Board, a member must meet the minimum criteria to be a Board member. New Board Members are elected by existing members of the Wisdom Council and Board. The Board is comprised of 6 elected members, on three year terms, and one permanent CEO position held by Teresa de Grosbois. The CEO position does not vote on decisions unless a tie-breaker is needed in voting.

Reliance on Consensus  Building and Board Policy Where policy exists for the running of the EBC,  the staff follows that policy

To avoid getting bogged down in consensus building or the delays resulting from the debate over policy, the EBC has two structures in place

1. A Wisdom Council, made up of past Board Members can be called upon to make the policy decision when the Board is stalled or in conflict of interest in making the decision; In the event that a policy on a specific element does not yet exist, the EBC Staff makes the best decision available based on their judgement, until such time as a policy can be created. This is typically done in consultation with a committee or representative of the Board.

2. To avoid getting bogged down in consensus building or the delays resulting from the debate over policy, the EBC has two structures in place 

 Conflict of Interest

Staff, contractors and anyone in a leadership  role in the EBC must adhere to EBC’s Conflict of  Interest Guideline

The owners of the EBC, as well as the members, are allowed to personally benefit from the existence of the EBC in the use and exchange of the influence that belonging to the EBC brings. Board members and senior members are also given incentives and discounts on attending events as a thank-you for their service. (This differs from a Not-for-Profit in that some of this activity could be considered a conflict of interest if the EBC were a designated not-for-profit)

Last updated 6 Nov 2018