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Cancellation Policy

Evolutionary Business Council Pte. Ltd. Cancellation & Refund policy

EBC & EBI Membership

You may cancel your membership or request leave of absence at anytime with written (email) notice to the EBC Management Team at

When cancelling a quarterly membership plan, you must cancel 7 calendar days before the beginning of the next quarter. You may complete any quarter period you are in when cancelling.

When cancelling an annual membership payment, you must cancel 7 calendar days before the beginning of the next year. You may complete any quarter you are in when cancelling.  You will be refunded back to the nearest quarter.

Please note: There is a $37 handling fee if canceling during a membership period.

If requesting leave of absence, please contact the EBC Membership Team

Event Cancellation or Transfer.  

LIVE or ONLINE EVOLUTIONARY BUSINESS COUNCIL (EBC) Event Cancellation/Refund Policy – 30-days, no questions asked

With 30-days or more notice, you may transfer you to the next LIVE or ONLINE EBC Event.  Transfers may occur one time only and are valid for one year following the originally scheduled event date.

To switch dates, you must request a transfer in writing and will require to pay a $97 US re-booking/transfer fee.  Once the fee is paid, you may choose to be booked into the next event.

Should you cancel or postpone attending the LIVE or ONLINE EBC Event less than 30-days prior to the event, we will require a $147 US re-booking/transfer fee.  Once the fee is paid, you may decide to be booked into the next event. 

Please send notice of cancellation or request to transfer to the EBC Events team 

LIVE or ONLINE EBC Events, i.e. EBC Annual Retreats, Deep Dives, Masterminds, Workshops or EBC Certified Master Trainer events, cannot be transferred to 3rd parties.

In the event of “Acts of God” such as: extreme weather, fire, pandemic, health related shut-downs, threats to public safety or other uncontrollable events that result in event cancellation, Wildfire Workshops Inc. may be forced to declare force majeur. In this case, EBC will issue a credit toward an upcoming event.  

For online events in the event of technology failures beyond the control of EBC (e.g. the platform provider fails), EBC will ensure that participants are given access to the recording and a credit on file, toward a future online or live qualified event.  

Credits will be held for one calendar year from the date of the cancelled live event.  A qualified event means that the participant is eligible to attend that event, i.e. non-members must join before using a credit toward a member-only event.  There is no re-booking in the event the cancellation is initiated by EBC.

Please email the EBC Events team for inquiries about your registration.