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I am a professional speaker and transformational coach. I speak up to 35-40 times a year to a variety of different groups. I have 2 of my own 3-day public events a year where 45-50 people attend. I serve up to 90-100 clients a year directly. I have worked with 100’s of people over the past 8 years in a coaching capacity and have spoken live to thousands. I am grateful that I have build a high 6-figure business almost exclusively through live speaking which leads to being able to coach people. My growing edge is the digital world. I have hired a marketing firm to help me be much more intentional and strategic with that. We are putting systems in place to really catapult my digital presence. I poised to ready exponentially expand my reach and influence to reach and 10,000’s of people.

Region: North America
Location: Thousand Oaks, California United States