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Susie Carder is a business coach and BELIEVE BUSINESS SHOULD BE FUN, NOT PAINFUL! She is passionate about business owners living a life that is fulfilled! Achieving holistic success is a priority for her and her clients. SusieНs commitment is that all of business owners are paid the value they bring to their business and are the first to be paid not the last. She BELIEVEs IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! You are a gift from God and what you do is your gift back to your community which makes a difference in the world! PROFIT is an essential part of success and it should be planned for. It is imperative for long-term sustainability. PLANNING and STRATEGY brings peace of mind, it allows business owners to spend more time with family, friends and in activities that they love outsi

Region: North America
Location: Greater San Diego Area, CA

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