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Wini Curley, PhD is a Resilience Expert, Speaker, Author, and Executive Coach. She shows stressed professionals up against a challenge how to energize their next win whether they are on a roll or in a hole. Over 10 years ago, Wini shifted from a 25 year scientific career cleaning up environmental hazardous waste sites. Now she helps clients de-stress and cleanup toxic thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and habits that contaminate their path to success. WiniНs speaking style is friendly, entertaining, and thought provoking. Audiences repeatedly rank her presentations as outstanding, and say her sense of humor, stories to demonstrate insights, and practical take-away solutions are what makes her unique. сDr. Curley doesnНt just give you nice ideas about making a change, she tells you how to do something about it for yourself.о Her presentations inspire and empower her listeners to address their blocks and detox their stresses so they can stay stay productive and engaged. Wini is an expert at cleaning up toxic messes whether they are out in the environment, or inside your head and heart. Her years serving corporate clients, holding senior positions in small to large top tier consulting firms, and owning her own firm provide Wini with the skills and experience to relate to her clients in business and professional associations. Coaching clients across 3 continents say WiniНs keen intuition, judgement-free approach, practical systems, and energy techniques all help them release frustrations and blocks so they can have what they really want. Her sense of humor, judgement-free approach, and kindness make it easy for clients to feel safe and comfortable doing even very deep work. Wini facilitates the discovery of the deeper lessons of each experience and how to use that lesson as the catalyst for satisfying change. Her clients report that Wini’s coaching provides invaluable insights, practices, and perspective that helps them get through their challenges feeling even more aligned, empowered, and connected to their best self than they had hoped when they signed up for coaching. During the 25 years Wini was a sought after environmental toxicologist, consultant, and expert witness cleaning up hazardous waste sites, she had her own challenges and changes to deal with. Her daughter was born with a life threatening condition, and later Wini’s own emergency surgery and a brush with mortality were a big wake-up call. As a consultant and high achieving professional, she had to find a better way to deal with the stress, pressure, doubt, and fear that accompanied both planned and unexpected change. Personal growth study became her passion, and now it is her mission to share what she has learned with other leaders and professionals in demanding positions to help ease their path and enhance their enjoyment of life.

Region: North America
Location: Chapel Hill, NC USA