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Sheila Dancho is a highly successful entrepreneur of three diversified businesses that each creates residual income: Dancho Estates; Dancho Farms and USANA. She knows a little something about the importance of leveraging your time to earn more money and have more freedom. She uses the same strategies, principles and philosophies to create success in each endeavor she pursues. She is a leader, speaker, trainer, coach, and business mentor. With more than 25 years of experience in direct sales, Sheila has trained thousands of network marketing distributors and has the welcome opportunity to become a highly respected team leader. Financially, she has earned millions of dollars in this industry. Moreover, because of the love she holds for this industry, she has a passion for sharing her knowledge with like-minded women who desire more in their lives. With over two decades of front-life sales experience, countless professional seminars and thousands of pages of tried-and-true teachings, she has developed a professional training system to maximize the success of those who wish to live a better life. Her new company Wealthy Network Marketing Women empowers women to achieve their desired goals with techniques to move their businesses to a higher level. For further information to go She is a loving wife, a mother to three daughters. As part of her financial and time freedom, she enjoys a better quality of life with her daughters and husband. They have a beautiful home in the country and two cottages for their family to enjoy. The first is a ranch nestled on 500 wooded acres with miles of walking and riding trails. The second is on an island where they enjoy jet skiing, boating, tubing, wake boarding, fishing and relaxing. They take exotic winter family vacations every year in the warmth of the south or in Europe. They have always dreamed of this lifestyle and now they have it.

Region: North America
Location: Winnipeg, MB