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After 25 years in tourism creating and escorting tours to the Middle East and Europe for over 10,000 people, I started Positive Living Inspiration Facebook page to inspire the world. Quickly growing to large numbers, during 2020, I added the Wisdom Connection TalkShop, a bi-monthly membership for Seniors to collaborate and connect. As an international speaker on five continents, I teach the Brave Heart Shift process moving from Fear to Freedom. Completing 130 hikes on 36 mountains on 3 continents, I’ve learned how to Climb Over Obstacles featuring Talk Topics like Courage, Self-Confidence and Resilience. As we all know Your Health is your Wealth, I use the vehicle of Limitless Worldwide with ageless technology and science-proven products that work from the inside out. I am committed.

Region: North America
Location: Greater Los Angeles, CA