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Nancy is a lifelong learner and facilitator of professional, personal and spiritual growth her own and others! Her life mission is to create an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on the planet one bite at a time! Nancy offers programs and workshops for recently retired grandparents who are alarmed about the damage being done to the Earth and what it means for the future of their grandchildren. Her programs enable participants to: Take an unflinching look at the truth of what’s happening to the planet Find sources of sustainable hope for their grandchildren’s future Model taking empowered action to turn the tide in their own lives Mentor their grandchildren to create an inspiring and sustainable future Margaret Mead is quoted as saying, Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. Nancy is developing a passionate community of citizens who support each other in creating a sustainable, just and fulfilling world for the next seven generations and beyond. Nancy has 40+ years’ experience in adult learning and social change, ranging from creating a leadership development program for a 0 million retail chain to designing and implementing the first diversity training program for volunteer leaders at AARP. She is highly skilled in group facilitation, curriculum design, coaching, and leadership. She discovered her passion for environmental and social justice activism relatively late in life, and now runs her own consulting business in these areas. She provides educational programs addressing the changes in being and doing that are necessary to create a sustainable future for life on Earth.

Region: North America
Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA