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We help coaches and consultants explode their client base, grow their online presence, and scale up to k – k/Month so that they build a lavish and steady business income using LinkedIn, without deceit, lying or convincing. We’re known for our Special Live Training, “How to Use LinkedIn to Attract and Close New Clients in 28 Days or Less, Without An Email List and Without Any Social Following.” The old ways of getting clients are not working anymoreѓ Cold calling (yikes!)ѓ Network meetingsѓ Begging for referrals.. Blogging for dollarsѓ And, if you happen to do ANY social marketingѓ YouНll quickly realize this isnНt as effective as it once used to be. HereНs the honest truth: IF you donНt have paying clients, YOU WONНT BE IN BUSINESS very long!! But ther

Region: North America
Location: Sudbury, ON Canada