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Loree is a mother, international speaker, intuitive healer and writer who helps people connect to their hearts. Loree combines the techniques, skills, and wisdom acquired working in the field of intuitive energy connection and healing with her experience raising a daughter who has chosen to shine her light as a beautiful soul with down syndrome to reveal the sacred gifts that allow one to live authentically. Loree has been certified in two different Master Lineages of Usui Reiki, is a certified Goddess Master Practitioner», has completed several meditation seminars, and is a student of the Clear to Manifest program. For the past 16 years Loree has explored various techniques and teachings to connect to the inner source of energy that is the seed of unconditional love available to all of us. She now travels with her daughter speaking to various groups sharing the joyous message of acceptance and self love. Her skills as a sacred story teller help connect people to the inner child within and allow them to tap into the stillness required to become familiar with ones own inner voice.

Region: North America
Location: Okotoks, AB Canada