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Cathy Wilke is a business coach and bridge architect. Her mission in life is to help clients create work they love and make a great living at it. SheНs had the audacity to live life on her own termsѓmost of the time. There were some periods due to circumstances that she had to take jobs for the money. She know how painful it is to feel like youНre trapped doing something thatНs meaningless and how not engaging in work that you love skews your entire existence. What is a Bridge Architect? For those who may think changing careers or abandoning a steady job to start a business is like jumping of a cliff into an abyss. Actually, it doesnНt have to be anything like that. Cathy uses the bridge metaphor in her work because she helps people build a strong, sturdy, bridge from where they

Region: North America
Location: Greater New York City, NY