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Hi, IНm Debra Dupree with Relationships at Work. I actually go looking for people in trouble. You might ask сWhy?о Well, I share my story because itНs relevant to what I do today and why I am so passionate about working with people like you to dig deeper and go beyond. My early exposure to the dynamics of a family-owned business taught me a lotѓparticularly around poor communications and the conflict generated between family and business relationsѓand significantly influenced what IНve grown up to be. My father and grandfather ran a family business in the Midwest, buying and selling dairy cattle, influential throughout the regionѓand, NOT! The community visibility spoke volumes. And, I grew up on the younger end of 9 children, to be seen and not heard. With a combination of German and Norwegian heritage, we didnНt deal well with conflict much less express real emotion. I saw my fair share of damaged relationships, lost opportunities and a lack of voice to speak up. Ultimately, the family business didnНt survive. So, for years IНve been fascinated with makes people tickѓat work and at home. I became a therapistѓa mediatorѓa professor and doctor of psychologyѓand now a public speaker and author. What do I do today? I help people recover from the drama and trauma and discover how to move past the their past. We uncover those emotional pains that get in the way of true success and happiness. We map out a plan for a whole new way of сbeingо for stronger performance at work and at home! Together, we turnaround how to manage up, down and around at home and at work.

Region: North America
Location: San Diego, CA USA