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My infamous Sunday Morning Newsletter. Well it is not exactly famous but I do get a lot of people telling me it brightens up their day. 🙂 I am really passionate about helping professionals who are great at what they do, get their message out there in a way that ideal clients say YES. I once struggled with my ability to sell. But, then I found a way to sell myself that was unique to me and my personality and my life took a quantum leap forward from that point on. Through my coaching I bring these quantum leaps to my clients. Interested? Let’s see what we can create in a 30 minute free strategy session. I promise I will not sell you anything. If anything, you will have to sell me 😉 IНm an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, podcast host and author of the best-selling business book ItНs Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set. My work has been featured in many major media outlets, including Forbes, Inc., LinkedIn and The Good Men Project. IНve spoken to entrepreneurs throughout North America, on how to leverage your unique ability to sell. I spearheaded the growth of a consulting company to the point that it was acquired by KPMG. IНve sold over 0 million in consulting services. I welcome you to visit my web site and sign up for my Sunday morning newsletter at Specialties: Human-to-Human Sales, Personal Branding, Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Networking, Relationship Building. Founder Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) Business, Accounting, Marketing MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND 1991 to 1997

Region: North america
Location: Mt. Pearl, NL Canada