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Known as “The Soul Connector”, I am the father of twins, a boy and a girl born in 2010. I married my wife and now business partner, Renee, in 2002. I am a a Joint Venture Strategist, Affiliate Concierge, co-founder of the Soul Affiliate Alliance and the #1 Best Selling author of Soulful Leadership; A Spiritual Path to Health, Wealth and Love. I connect people to who they are at soul-level, why they are here and the people who can help them to THRIVE in their Divine Purpose.

Transformational Leaders and Inspired Influencers hire me to reach more people with their message by developing soulful collaborations and alliances, so they can leverage their expertise to make a greater impact in the world while enjoying more freedom and ease in their own lives.


Region: North America
Location: Lake Mary, FL United States