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Key RoleS within the EBC

  • Founding Member
  • EBC Certified Master Trainer
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Satyen Raja

Transcendent Leadership Mentor to CEOs


About Satyen

Satyen, whose name means “Truth” in Sanskrit, has claimed his birthright from the universal expanse for the pursuit of enlightened human potential from a very young age. Satyen is both a master teacher and master student with over 40 years of rigorous study and practice in developing higher consciousness.

Satyen has guided some of the world’s greatest leaders and visionaries into their most transcendent Peak Existence. He has transformed the lives of over 100,000 students internationally and leads private and group mentorship for top CEO’s, high impact individuals and world leaders. His corporate work involves cultural advisory and training executive teams of elite organizations to shift from chaos, overwhelm and struggle into aligned, coherent, high performing teams.

What people don’t know about Satyen

Most of you may already know that I am a martial artist. What you may not know about me yet is that I have a unique collection of esoteric comics.

EBC Wins

I want to thank Teresa de Grosbois, connected me up with other influential leaders and it’s been a blessing. To be able to serve our esteemed members has been such a joy and deeply fulfilling.

Why is Satyen passionate about the EBC?

My mission is to enlighten business leaders for the greater good, so that we can have businesses be a positive contribution to society and the planet. What I love about the EBC is the quality and depth of business leaders and their collective intentions and service. I love that all the members come from their heart and have a higher purpose and meaning in everything that they do.

How you can support Satyen

Join Suzanne and Satyen directly as they support your growth and expansion through personal coaching, mentorship, workshops and retreats.

Further information and contact details can be found HERE