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Key RoleS within the EBC

  • Brand Ambassador for Los Angeles
  • Speaker at a San Diego Retreat
  • Collaborator Call Host
  • Speaker at Annual Retreat 2022

Norma Hollis

International Board Certified Executive Coach | Author | Speaker | Authenticity Expert


About Norma

Norma Hollis is a change agent who writes and implements programs for human development. Her programs assist people to understand and experience the depth of their potential and the power of their connection with the Universe. Her perspectives come from innate wisdom seasoned by 30 years of self-exploration and research into human nature from personal, professional, and spiritual perspectives. The result is her Authenticity Grid, a graphic representation of an energy system Noma has exposed within us. She teaches the concepts in her Authenticize programs through a variety of digital, group, individual, and certification processes to provide profound growth experiences for individuals and organizations.
Norma and her programs are catalysts for people who are open to gaining new perspectives about one’s self, life and living. She was the first Black woman to own a speaker bureau for Black speakers and she continues to work with speakers and others to ‘Speak Up’ and be their authentic self. She is a thought-leader for multiple organizations and has an international presence in both the professional speaking and professional coaching industries. Norma loves working with people who are committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Mentoring Award

What people don’t know about Norma

My hobby is creating large latch hooked rugs. I use one in my presentations because it is a rug of my Authenticity Grid. I have another 6’x8′ on my living room wall and I’m always in the process of designing one or two more.

EBC Wins

  • I appreciate the collaborative conversations I have had with Dr. Valerie Sheppard. We are so aligned with our objectives and her constant encouragement continues to inspire me. I look forward to further exploration for touching young people.
  • Iman Aghay has been a great asset by introducing me to his community of sharks (aka Shark Tank). I spoke twice to sharks on his platform and the experience gave me exposure, contacts and greatly impacted my confidence. Iman was a great catalyst to the growth of my business.
  • Susie Carder, because of her radical approach to growth. I found Susie at a time when I needed the energy, the clarity and the information that she brings. A short time with her made a big impact on my bottom line and I am delighted!

I thank each of you for the role you have played in my personal, professional and financial growth.

Why is Norma passionate about the EBC?

I’ve been a member for about a decade and even though I haven’t been that active in the last few years, I have maintained my connections because of their value. My passion for EBC was reignited recently because of a new awareness of the energy and compassion of its members. I’m excited about new directions and new growth and being a part of the evolution of our shared evolutionary goals.

How you can support Norma

 I am seeking partners who value authenticity and would like to introduce it to their tribe and/or collaborate to create new programs or events. Start with an introduction to my Authenticity Assessment at

Further information and contact details can be found HERE