Member Spotlight


Key RoleS within the EBC

  • EBC Certified Master Trainer – Graduate 2019
  • EBC Call Leader
  • EBC Ambassador – North County San Diego
  •  EBC Envoy Committee – Committee Chair

Event Roles:

  • EBC 2023 Annual Retreat, Jan 27-29, 2023, San Diego, California – Presenter
  • EBC 2021 Annual Retreat, Jan 28-30, 2021, San Diego, California – Co-Lead
  • EBC 2020 Annual Retreat, Jan 16-19, 2020, San Diego, California – Leadership Team/Sevador & Presenter
  • EBC Costa Rica Deep Dive, Dec 1-3, 2019, Atenas, Costa Rica – Presenter
  • EBC Oceanside Deep Dive, Sep 12-14, 2019, Oceanside, California – Lead & Presenter
  • EBC Costa Rica Deep Dive, Dec 13-17, 2018, Atenas, Costa Rica – Leadership Team/Matamaha & Presenter
  • EBC Retreat/Global Influence Summit, Feb 10, 2017, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Family Constellations Presenter/Facilitator
  • EBC Retreat/Global Influence Summit, Aug 19, 2016, Detroit, Michigan – Family Constellations Presenter/Facilitator

James Woeber

Co-Founder and CEO of The Art of Heartful Living, International Trainer, Consultant, Bestselling Author


About James

James Woeber is a best-selling author, international consultant, and trainer who helps thought leaders and organizations to manifest their greatest dreams and serve as powerful change agents in the world. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Art of Heartful Living, a leadership and human potential training and consulting firm that for over 25 years has helped leaders free themselves from limiting patterns and beliefs, find deep joy and fulfillment, and create positive change in their personal lives, organizations, and communities. James is also a multi-award winning producer, director and writer in film, video, and multimedia working with organizations as diverse as socially-conscious nonprofits to Fortune 1000 companies.

List of Awards and Recognitions

  • 2021 EBC Gold Level Mentorship Awar
  • 2021 EBC Heart & Spirit Award, nominee
  • 2021 EBC More Award, nominee
  • 2020 EBC Heart & Spirit Award

EBC Wins

I’m deeply grateful to Teresa De Grosbois, Pam Bayne, the EBC leadership, and all the gifted members for the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and grow with such an illustrious group of leaders.
In the process of being part of the EBC, I have experienced significant wins in my business and life:
Financial Growth – Have tripled my income in my time at the EBC, through the connections and business guidance of pros such as Dr. Valerie Rene Sheppard, Colin Sprake, Brooke Ozlem Erol, and many others.
Collaboration Opportunities – I have had 10+ joint ventures and speaking opportunities with/through other world-class EBC leaders such as Candy Barone, Lisa Marie Platske, and Dr. Valerie Rene Sheppard.

Why is James passionate about the EBC?

Integrity – I love being in the same room with so many amazing leaders who channel their brilliance and heart toward helping others and creating positive change in the world.
New Family – It’s such a gift to have made so many dear, beautiful friendships with like-minded, inspired fellow leaders.
World-Class Training – The quality and expertise of both the lead teachers and fellow students in the Certified Master Trainer Program is awe-inspiring.

What people don’t know about James?

I used to do performance salsa and tango dancing as a member of various dance troupes. I can’t wait to get back onto the dance floor now that COVID is subsiding! 😉

How you can support James

ABOUT page of my website –