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Asmâa I. Methqal

Fire and Flow Leadership | Feminine Leadership Advocate | Transformational Coach | Human Connection Catalyst | Business Strategist | Master Facilitator | Bilingual Speaker | Educator


About Asmâa

Asmâa I. Methqal is a business marketing strategist, transformational coach, master facilitator, and advocate of Feminine Leadership.

She is the creatrix of Fire and Flow, a business leadership academy that empowers women worldwide to maximize their impact and stay accountable to their mission by teaching them the skills to launch, grow and scale their business, teams, and community with fun and ease.

Asmâa’s mission is to create a harmony of fire and flow in the world by shaping future leaders into wave makers by guiding them to claim their feminine leadership, channel their fire, and live in a state of flow.

Her upcoming book “Fire and Flow Leadership” is planned to be released in 2023.

Visit to connect with Asmâa, learn about the Academy, and access free resources.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • The Brainz 500 Global 2021
  • CREA Global Awards 2022

What people don’t know about Asmâa

I am an incredible dancer and speak three languages.

EBC Wins

 1. Invitation to be a featured guest in podcasts hosted by incredible members in my first year of joining EBC such as Tina Thrussell, Gresham Harkless, Rodney Flowers, and Chris Salem.
2. Shift in mindset and clarity in my spiritual journey thanks to the guidance and support of members such as Robert Clancy, Rodolfo Carrillo, Serenity Raven-Wolf, Laura Rubinstein, and Kerri Hummingbird.

Why is Asmâa passionate about the EBC?

I love the caliber of the EBC members: incredible powerhouses with the most loving and humble hearts. I enjoy supporting members with their business and social initiatives or just connecting in appreciative conversations and being showered by wisdom and ah ha moments. I feel most grateful and fully seen when members reach out to me directly to offer their support and genius to propel my mission further.

How you can support Asmâa

I’d love support to increase my reach before my book launch planned in 2023 and be invited/recommended to be a guest speaker at various podcasts (English and/or French) focused on leadership, business, marketing, and emotional intelligence.