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Key roles within EBC

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Charmaine Hammond

Co-Founder / Partner at Raise a Dream and President at Charmaine Hammond- Collaboration, Communication, Conflict Resolution


About Charmaine

As an entrepreneur for the past 24 years, owning several businesses and having a non-profit charity, Charmaine has had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. In one of her businesses she speaks and trains corporate and government audiences on collaboration, resilience and conflict resolution. In another company, Raise a Dream, she helps speakers, authors, non profits, and entrepreneurs raise their dream and fund their project through collaboration and sponsorship.

She is the executive producer of an animated film, Back Home Again, being released September 2021. As an author, she’s been published with five traditional publishers and has been featured in nine other collaboration books.

Charmaine is passionate about working on projects that connect people, create impact and make a difference.

What you may not know about Charmaine

Charmaine’s first career was within the correctional system, as a correctional officer and later the Director of a Custody facility for male young offenders. Her learning from this career about resilience, mindset, and setting boundaries, prepared her to deal with her breast cancer diagnosis almost 30 years later.

Key roles in EBC

As one of the founding members of the EBC, Charmaine has sat on various EBC committees, led many collaboration and training calls, mentored new members and participated on projects in support of the EBC and its members.

Currently she is a member of the Wisdom Council and prior to this role, she was on the board of directors. Charmaine also led the committee that created the EBC awards a number of years ago. In addition to presenting at various EBC events, she also worked closely with the EBC in hosting the Global Influence Summit for several years.

 Charmaine is passionate about the EBC because of  the connections and friendships she’s made, the ability to be a part of collaborative initiatives that create global impact,  and the personal and professional learning that she’s received from members.

The EBC is a group of kindred spirits, like minded souls that are determined to be changed agents for a better planet. Colin firmly believes in the power of collaboration and is passionate about the EBC because it’s such a beautiful platform to build meaningful, collaborative relationships.

How you can support Charmaine

Learn more about Charmaine and her invaluable work: About Us

Contact her for further information or to arrange a call.