Member Financial Option

Financing for your Business or your Students*

Members of the Evolutionary Business Council Community (both EBC and EBI) are eligible to apply for either:

  1. apply for financing for yourself or your business or
  2. set up financing for your students

The EBC works with Fundwise to offer you this option for powerfully moving your business forward.  In many cases, 0% interest lines of credit are available for 12 to 24 months.

Personal or business Lines of Credit

For US members, find out in 60 seconds if you are pre-approved for a personal or business line of credit.  You pay the finders fee (7.99 percent) only when you are approved. Typically 12 to 24 month zero-interests lines of credit are available. You may pay back the balance at any time.

Financing is a great idea if you are:

  • Expanding your business
  • Investing in yourself through training or coaching
  • Consolidating existing loans to a lower interest rate

Financing of this nature is not a great idea if:

  • You do not have the income to sustain the loan
  • You already have a great deal of debt
  • You are looking for a long term loan such as a mortgage
  • You don’t have a plan in place to address the loan
  • You have a habit of self-harming by over-extending yourself



Establishing financial options for your students to purchase your advanced programs Personal or business Lines of Credit*

The #1 reason that clients have reported not moving forward with a service or purchase was due to lack of funds. Offering your students financing is a great idea if:

  • Your programs will clearly help them make money so they can easily pay back the loan
  • Your client’s finances are getting in the way of them moving forward with your programs
  • You have the capacity for more students
  • 12 to 24 month 0% financing would clearly help your students to get ahead in business or life


While there are many financing programs out there, few specialize in funding at true 0% interest. Sprout offers you the best opportunity to obtain the necessary working capital.

Take advantage of 0% financing for 12-24 months.


“Please note, by filling out these forms your data will go directly to Fundwise/FUNDWISE CAPITAL, LLC. The Evolutionary Business Council and Wildfire Workshops Inc. hold no responsibility or liability for your interactions with Fundwise/FUNDWISE CAPITAL, LLC. or it’s affiliates.