Mastermind Call: Inner Breakthroughs

with Jonathan Bender

A Personal Invitation From EBC 

Thurs, Dec 14, 2017

12:00pm PST / 1:00pm MST / 3:00pm EST / 8:00pm GMT



Join Jonathan Bender in a relaxed Zoom call that mirrors the format found in live retreats, where each person gets around 15 minutes of support.

Come to chat, drop in, and  simply connect with other EBC and EBI members globally. Bring your blocks, confusion or mindset that’s ready to be shifted, and get support from your insightful group of EBC members.

Please be on time for the call, so that everyone receives maximum value from being on the call. It’s essential that you’re fully present for the call, just like a normal mastermind group meeting.

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Collaboration Call, Thurs Dec 14th 12:00pm PST / 1:00pm MST / 3:00pm EST / 8:00pm GMT

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Attendee Listing For: Collaboration Call, Thurs Dec 14th 12:00pm PST / 1:00pm MST / 3:00pm EST / 8:00pm GMT -

Mastermind Call: Strategic Breakthroughs with Jonathan - Please note these calls are 90 minutes long

Join Jonathan Bender in a relaxed Zoom call that mirrors the format found in live retreats, where each person gets around 15 minutes of support.

Bring whatever topic is alive for you around your marketing, speaking, or any “outer” business issue that’s present for you.  Join us early

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Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender's passions include helping conscious entrepreneurs, coaches and other visionaries find their true voice so they can change the world...and creating greater connection and conscious community. A professional theater director and actor and a coach since 1996, he combines performance techniques with public speaking, spiritual and personal growth and business savvy to help clients become an authentic and dynamic presence in the world.

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre, CEO of Embracing freedom, is an internationally recognized and sought-after authority for creating powerful breakthroughs and transformational change for high achievers, globally. Her clients for more than 25+ years include Fortune 50 senior executives, established entrepreneurs, and high-level professionals. Freedom is her passion! She guides her clients in getting rid of the underlying cause of their recurring non-physical pain. In this way, they get to live a life that matters most to them, with grace and ease.

Lisa Dadd

After obtaining a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine, Lisa entered the corporate world of healthcare. She spent 15 years in sales, marketing & management roles before abandoning the corporate life to find more meaning, purpose and fun. She wrote about the experience in Finding Fabulous: Paving the Path Between Paycheck & Passion and now speaks, writes & consults on career and lifestyle redesign.

Nekeshia Hammond

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond is the TV show host of Parenting Explained with Dr. Hammond, as well as a speaker and the author of ADHD Explained: What Every Parent Needs to Know. She regularly consults with the media, and has been featured on various radio, television, and magazines throughout the country.

Ada Barlatt

Ada Barlatt is a transformational strategist for small business owners & entrepreneurs. She empowers them to utilize technology to automate, systematize & streamline their business to be more efficient. So they get to spend more time growing their business, not being stuck in it.

Johanna Lynn

Please meet Johanna, who facilities transformative group work providing solutions for the emotional patterns that we all inherit from our family. If she had a superpower, it would have to be listening like a detective to the facts of your family history, the words you use to describe your challenges lead her directly to where the most effective resolution is for you. The intention with her work is to contribute to world peace, one family at a time.

Shelley Stravitz

Dr. Shelley is launching Parents As Partners: The Autism Educational and Change Network™ a non-profit 501(3)c web-based platform that offers user-friendly education so that every family touched by autism--no matter where or their circumstances--has 24/7 free access to the many answers/interventions that can move their individual child toward recovery! From pre-pregnancy on through young adulthood, we CAN reverse the ever-rising numbers of children with autism. Children with autism are recovering!! The common factor is highly involved parents empowered by understandable education.