Vulnerability in Leadership
A Personal Invitation From EBC
Sat, Oct 26, 2019
Detroit, MI



Are you an Outlier, a Boat Rocker, or a Change Maker…

…Called to Make a Bigger Impact on the Planet?

If so, read on…

On October 26th, I’m presenting “Vulnerability in Leadership: Courage in Action” in Detroit, MI.


In this interactive and experiential workshop, you will walk away with the ability to deeply connect and get to: 
  • Utilize vulnerability as a bridge-building tool to improve communication and effectiveness with others;
  • Unpack past betrayals in leadership so you’re seen, open, and stand in your power with ease;
  • Understand how to better capitalize on your natural leadership strengths;
  • Increase your ability to confidently handle situations you’re facing in business;
  • Maximize productivity to expand your influence and impact. 
If you want to fuel your vision – and begin mapping out your destiny so you blaze a trail, say “YES!” to attend this transformational 4-hour workshop.
October 26th could be like any other day.
For only $47, you can make October 26th the day that changes everything.
I hope you choose the latter.


With love and gratitude,
p.s. If you’re called to make a bigger impact on the planet , find a way to be there. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event. Click here to get registered