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Want to be a part of Global Healing…check out @Project_Forgive

I’m contributing to Global Forgiveness….how about you?: @Project_Forgive

6 time Emmy Award winning producer is creating a movie @Project_Forgive, you can help her spread the healing:

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My friend Shawne has a personal story that talks so powerfully of her courage….and the depths of her ability to forgive.  She is paying the healing forward in what will likely be a movie that will give her an Academy Award (she has 6 Emmy)…..I am part of a coalition of supporters helping her to fund that project……. if forgiveness is important to you, please support the project financially with 10$ or $20……..

If you could assist in getting a powerful message out, via a 6 time Emmy award winning producer’s documentary on forgiveness, would you?  All it takes is 10 or 20 dollars…….Please support my friend Shawne’s dream project to heal the world.

Knowing how important forgiveness has been for Shawne Duperon, inspired me to share this request on her birthday……..give the gift of helping to fund her movie on Forgiveness.  All it takes is 10 or20 $ to be a part of a global healing.  Check it out here: