Here is the recording of the April 6th EBC Special call “It’s Time To Think SMART: Stress Management And Resilience Training” with Jodi Pliszka

Her offers:

  • Discover How To Thrive In These Uncertain & Challenging Times – A SPECIAL TRAINING FOR THOSE AFFECTED BY COVID-19
    In this Masterclass I’ll Show You The 3 Key Areas You Must Focus On And Apply To Successfully Navigate Through A Financial & Emotional Crisis.
  • START HERE WITH FREE RESOURCES If you want to progress in life, you need to have a growth plan to get you there.
  • HOW TO STOP WORRYING In This Mini Training Jodi is Going To Teach You How To Control Your Worrying And Put Concern And Doubt On The Backburner.
  • Get your Free E-BOOK and discover how to conquer life’s challenges & adversities, with a RESILIENCE REBOOT and learn how to take one baby step after the next towards living the life you LOVE and being the person you want to BE